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Feel enchanted by our carefully selected, freshly prepared and exotic delicacies. Cooked by traditional methods, our recipes go way back from our roots and have been passed down through generations of Caribbean culture. Our dishes are dancing and packed full of flavour, devotion and pure passion that will get your soul singing to the riddims of the Caribbean.


Carumbar Seafood Boil personal.png


The stars of this succulent spectacle, plump shrimp, sweet crab legs, lobster tails, juicy mussels and corn, bathed in a rich, buttery symphony infused with garlic, herbs, and the zing of fresh lemon. Their textures intermingle, creating a delectable mosaic of tenderness and flavour. As the boil sizzles, the scents weave a hypnotic spell, pulling you closer to the sumptuous spread. With every mouthful, you embark on a luxurious journey, making each bite a celebration of the sea's bounty.


The Akee and Sweet Pepper, Carumbar steamed cabbage, chickpea curry, spicy tomato avocado salad, and corn on the cob vegan combo is a delightful medley of plant-based flavours that transcends the ordinary, with the vibrant Akee and Sweet Pepper duo stealing the spotlight, offering a harmonious blend of tropical sweetness and a hint of spiciness that enchants the senses. Complementing this, the Carumbar steamed cabbage and corn on the cob provides a comforting, aromatic depth, while the hearty chickpea curry infuses the meal with protein and fragrant spices. The spicy tomato avocado salad introduces a zesty, refreshing contrast. This carefully curated vegan ensemble is a testament to the diversity and deliciousness of plant-based dining, ensuring satisfaction with each bite.

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Jerk ChickenTakeout.jpeg


Jerk chicken, rice and peas, and a fresh salad compose an enchanting culinary trilogy that sets the senses ablaze. The jerk chicken, marinated with a fiery blend of spices, grilled to perfection. its smoky aroma wrapping you in a passionate embrace of flavor. Nestled beside it, the rice and peas, a harmony of creamy coconut and tender legumes, a comforting side dish that resonates with the heart. To complete this symphony, a vibrant salad bursts forth, a refreshing medley of crisp greens, ripe tomatoes, and zesty vinaigrette, delivering a burst of invigorating contrast to the tantalizing heat of the jerk chicken. Each bite, a love song to the palate, leaves you singing in joy of this tantalizing trio.

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